A Signed Lease Agreement

There is no strict legal difference between a lease and a lease, but in some cases, a periodic lease or tenancy may refer to a short-term lease. The term can be valid at any time, but monthly rentals are the most common. Each month, the tenancy is automatically extended for a new period, unless the landlord or tenant terminates the tenancy with 30 days` written notice. Changes to the rental conditions may be made by written notification. However, if a tenant signs a lease as a lessor and the lessor signs as a tenant, I can say that usually an addendum to add a resident does not change the terms of the original, regardless of the landlord`s signature. They may wish to review the original lease and addendum with their local housing authority to determine whether that state or territory contains any exceptions or regulations that deviate from the standard. If a tenant violates a lease, the landlord can try to resolve the issue by giving them the opportunity to fix it (unless the violation is serious, for example. B by using property to sell or manufacture illegal drugs). If the issue is not resolved within a certain period of time (as determined by state law), the landlord can begin the eviction process to evict the tenant. I learned on Thursday (22.10.2020) that my manager in my apartment complex had falsified my signature under a lease. My son and I were moving into a new apartment. We had passed the credit and background check, but the new apartment needed the old housing floor, which was faxed to them by the manager. The manager faxed documents to the new apartment indicating that I had terminated my lease, which ends in July 2021.

The problem was that my son and I had never signed a lease before, so how could the lease be terminated? The apartment complex where we live was renovated in September 2019 by new owners. The last time my son and I signed a lease in the manager`s office was in August 2019 before the renovation by the previous owners. We have never signed a lease with the new owners. So we were not approved for the new apartment because we were told we had terminated our lease. The way I found out that the manager had falsified our signatures was that I applied for a lease in September because we had plans to move. I guess she would give me the August 2019 lease, but she gave me the lease from January 2020 to December 2020 with our fake signatures on the lease (another fake lease). My son and I gave an eviction letter on October 14 and we must be in this apartment before November 14. We don`t have a place to go, and it`s not easy to find apartments in Louisiana.

I am so angry and hurt because we are accused of something we did not do (lease terminated) and how dare someone to use my son and my signature. We also lost a nice place to live. I need help. The reason for our move out of our apartment is that the neighbors moved next door and brought cockroaches. The last nine months have been a living nightmare for my son and me. We haven`t used the kitchen in eight months. I moved the kitchen into the living room and cooked on electric hobs and pans. I wash the dishes in the sink or in the bathtub. This experience was crazy and that`s why I need help so that we can leave this apartment. Please help!!! To answer your question if he moves in without permission, you break the agreement and the terms of your lease.

A lease (also called a lease) is a legally binding contract and a serious matter. Not only would you be vulnerable to legal action from the landlord, but you could also damage your rental reputation, which could lead to future rental difficulties. The landlord`s signature enters into the lease, so rental units are generally considered available until the landlord has signed the document. Until a tenant has signed and returned the lease, the landlord can send a lease to other interested tenants and rent it to the person who returns the lease first. If the landlord has accepted a signed lease, they must inform other interested parties that the unit is no longer available for rent. It`s also common for landlords to charge a move-in fee like the first month`s rent or a deposit when it`s time to finally sign a lease. If a tenant signs but does not pay the required fee, the landlord can cancel the lease. .